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Fred Moses, successful business man, community advocate and Christian leader, is a man of integrity who has proven that he has the skill, the will and the vision to uphold Plano's high quality of life. In the 20 years I've known him, I have personally witnessed his business acumen--skills needed to ensure that Plano retains its standing as a destination of choice for corporate headquarters--the key to maintaining our tax base. In the community, it was Fred Moses who co-founded the Plano Community Forum to provide scholarships for low income students. At Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Fred is the Sunday School teacher who has led our class for 30 years explicating the Word. Finally, on a personal level, Fred Moses is a father, husband and friend who is connected to Plano and will do what's best for its residents. Party affiliation aside, I am voting for someone I know--Fred Moses.
~Olga Stain Taylor, PhD, Southern Methodist University